7 Adsense Myths Debunked

Hi guys. So after a solid 7 months of not posting, what gems of wisdom do I have to toss out to my readers? Well, when you travel, always bring a fresh role of toilet paper – especially when traveling to remote parts of the world! Ok, I’m kidding (we’ll, actually not).  Here are a few of the (many) photos I took while abroad.


The famous longi rice terraces of Ping'An villiage, Guilin, China


The utterly remote and desolate landscape of the Karakorm Highway -- the road from china to pakistan (highest paved highway in the world (4000 meters)


Magic happens in the Yellow Mountains of the Anhui province, China

More pictures to come when I post again…IF I post again :)

But back to SEO and Making Money — this is a Make Money Online blog and not a photography blog afterall.

Ok first, no, I’m not dead, injured, or broke. I’ve been busy the past 7 months and writing make money guides hasn’t been my primary focus the past 5 months (since I’ve been back). In fact, I haven’t posted specifically for one reason: I always seem to pay a price for posting real information here. And I earn all my money outside of this niche. These days, I’m only really inclined to do work when it leads to money. Call me a lazy, money grabbing bastard, but oh well.

Back to the topic of Adsense Myths. I see a lot of pure shit out there in terms of information about adsense. There is fact and there is fiction and from where I stand, most of the stuff you read on forums and pick up from the table of gurus is fiction. Let’s talk a bit about what I’ve learned with Adsense the past two years of making hundreds of thousands with it.

Sense Myth 1: You Can’t Make a Real Income with Adsense

Fact: This is &(&*(##.

I’m not going to bother proving my income anymore. Been there, done that. But you can make absurds amount of money with adsense if you know how. I’ve talked about how, Grizzly talks about how. Court over in his Keyword Academy has an entire program about the topic, and there are countless other sites that detail strategies (most are wrong though).  Now, just because you CAN make easy money with adsense, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. But we’ll save that for another post. Or maybe later this post!

Adsense Myth 2: More ads on your site mean more money

Fact: Not necessarily.

I can’t say for sure, but I’ve noticed some ad sections seem to pay more. It’s usually the bigger 250×300 ads that seem to give out the best paying clicks. And it’s also the MAIN ad that usually get’s the best click values. I suspect that Google tracks the conversions on each of your ad bars and gives the best CPC to the highest converting. In some cases, I’ve noticed that throwing on too many ads can lower the CPC. It’s up to you to specifically test this, but it doesn’t always pay to go gungho with plastering as many ads as you can on your site. There is another reason for keeping the number of ads down that I’ll address later on in the article.

Myth: Mixing adsense and affiliate offers decreases your adense earnings

Fact: More rubbish.

You can do quite well mixing adsense and affiliate offers on the same site. The key is HOW you do it folks. I will admit, for some niches, pure adsense works best. But putting on a few related affiliate offers won’t usually take from your adsense. In fact, you might even increase your income. I’ve had sites literally double in income by combining adsense with affiliate offers.

Adsense Myth 3: CPC is Everything when it comes to keyword research for adsense sites

Fact: Google Keyword Tool CPC lies more than Hilary Clinton

Sites will tell you to go after high CPC, but I’ve found over the past few years that the CPC shown in the adwords tool if far far from true. That’s 80.00 CPC can bring in .10 cent clicks and that .25 cent CPC can bring in 10 dollar clicks. Don’t believe it at all.

You have to remember that just looking at a single keyword’s CPC is no way to really judge your total potential earnings either. I’ve seen some so called formula’s floating around that guestmate your potential earnings based on the expected traffic and your CPC. Rubbish and half!

For one, not all of your ads will display the keyword you are targeting. You might be targeting the keyword: Midget Thongs with a CPC of $10 according to the keyword tool.

Now, depending on the content on your site, the ads might display ads that target the Midget Thong keyword or it might not. If it displays the right ads, then the CPC is generally accurate. But there are a lot of factors.

1. Is the ad actually targeting the keyword or displaying another keyword ad
2. Is the traffic geo (i.e. adsense often displays different ads to people from different locations)
3. The awords bid fluctuates from day to day
4. There are no bidders for that keyword
5. The page the ad is displayed on is not focused on the keyword you are targeting and thus the ad is not the keyword CPC you are targeting

These are only some of the factors. So basically what I’m trying to say is that CPC is only a rough guestimate. I talk a bit more about this on my forum.

Adsense Myth 4: Google is just waiting to BAN your ASS if you slap adsense onto your site

Fact: Only if you produce shit

No, despite the fear people seem to have, Google is not waiting with a big stick to bash people who monetize with adsense. The thing is, there are really two teams out there: the Search Team and the Adsense Team. Both seem to have contradictory views. Adsense wants to increase revenues for google while the Search Team wants to ensure the search results are as high quality as possible. Sometimes, what’s good for one is NOT good for the other.

That means while you 500 one page xfactor mini sites might make Google 100 bucks a day, it also fills the index with 500 pages of pure crap that pisses off the searcher and lowers the brand value of Google. Not good.

So what’s to be done? If you want to make stable money with adsense, you need to really build up your sites. It’s not necessarily HOW much content you have on your site, but it’s more about the presentation of your content (though you need to have a certain amount of content on your site, of course). If you are tricking users into clicking on ads or offering the user nowhere to click but ads, that’s bad. If your site is so fucking ugly that your reader’s eyes scream in agony, that’s bad. And if your site is bare bones, that’s fucking bad.

Just build sites that offer easy navigation to the user. Sites that answer the user’s questions. Sites that link to relevant authority sites about the topic, sites that don’t have a crazy amount of ads.

I know there has been a few automated messages from google telling people to put more ads on your sites, but don’t take this as gospel to make your site an adspam site. If you can use the maximum 4 ads in a friendly, non spammy way, go for it. If your 4 ads are all above the fold and invasive to the user experience, don’t.

Adsense Myth 5: It’s easy to get your adsense account banned

Fact:Yes and No

no, it’s actually not. If adsense went around banning everyone who used it, they’d be filing Chapter 13 very soon. But there are a few easy ways to get your adsense banned:

  1. Clicking on your ads regularly
  2. Having someone click on your ads regularly
  3. Breaking the TOS in some way (having gambling, porn, or other “naughty” content on with adsense
  4. Delivering non-converting traffic

It’s #4 that I want to address here, since it may be news to a lot of you. Let’s talk a bit about it. Adsense is a CPC model. That means it’s a cost per click for the advertizer. You click, the advertizer pays for that click. Now, the advertizer is expected a certain return for a certain number of people who click. Just like you expect a certain number of people to click on an ad per set of people. Despite the seemingly random nature of the whole process, there actually is a very defined “ratio” of conversions. Now you can mess with this ratio with your site layout, the number of ads you have, how focused your content is to the topic, the desperation of the people searching, etc.

Now when a certain number of people click on an advertizer’s ad, they expect results. The could be a sale for every 10 people deliver via adwords, a lead generation, etc. When they pay for traffic but get no conversions from that traffic, they naturally get pissed. And they bid on less adwords or stop altogether. And google loses customers. This is bad folks.

If any of you work with lead generation, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You might be able to induce targeted traffic to fill out leads for an advertizer, but if those leads don’t end up converting for the company paying for the leads, they will cut your ass from the program.

The same goes for google. If your sites (or some of your sites) REGULARLY deliver ad click traffic that does not convert for the advertizer, you risk having your account banned.


Adsense is generally pretty good at delivering converting traffic. It’s highly targeted for the most part. BUT this is where the layout of your site is VERY important. If you throw ads that masquerade as a navigation bar (vertical or horizontal), you are playing a dangerous game. Folks, you don’t want people to click on an ad thinking they are navigating to a page on your site. They won’t convert for the advertizer. Get enough of this non-converting traffic and you put your account at risk of a ban.

Simple, right? That’s why it’s much preferable to have a clean website layout where only the people who actually WANT to click on the ad will click on it. Integrate that ads rather than have them shout out from above the fold. Those kinds of layouts have higher CTR, but the traffic is often less converting for the advertizer.

Xfactor style themes and other so called “adsense” themes are created by idiots who don’t really understand the simple concept: don’t fucking bit off the fingers from the hand that feeds you.

Nough said.

Adsense Myth 6: Good Content = Higher Adsense CPC

Fact: The opposite actually

The sad reality is that crap content almost always has a better adsense CTR than does good content. I’m sure a lot of you folks who work with adsense have already realized this. But for those who don’t know, here’s why.

When you write an article that really engages the reader and does a pretty damn good job of answering all the questions, the reader won’t be as inclined to click on an ad and will spend more time reading your article.

I’ve found that a higher bounce rate almost always means a higher adsense CTR. This is why it can be so hard for those used to earning adsense money with crap content and spammy themes. If you switch to reader-friendly themes and fill out your sites with good content, your CTR may tank by 50 to 75 percent.

Now, this does not mean I’m advocating producing shitty sites to make money with adsense. I’m just saying it’s a lot easier to make money with adsense by producing shit. But it’s not a stable way to earn money. I’ll take the loss in CTR in trade for a site that stays indexed.

Adsense Myth 7: Adsense is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Fact: Adsense is in fact only good for certain niches

If at all possible, it’s better to try to convert your traffic with affiliate sales or lead generation over adsense. Almost always, you can make more money per same amount of traffic. The fact is that adsense is the lazy man’s way to make money. But it’s not necessary the most profitable way to make money.

Adsense is the middle man. Cutting it out gives more of the revenue chunk to YOU.

When internet marketing, keep one thing in mind: the monetization method that requires the LEAST commitment from the user will convert the best. But not all conversions are equal.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click, aka adsense ) requires the least commitment by the reader. They click and that’s all.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action, aka lead generation) requires a bit of commitment by the reader. They click and commit some sort of action, one that usually does not involve spending money.
  • CPS (Cost Per Sale, aka clickbank, commision juncion, amazon, etc)  requires the most commitment: the reader must spend money.

But just because the CPC can generate the highest CTR, doesn’t mean that you will earn the most money.

Think of it this way: if 1000 visitors have a 5% CTR with adsense with an average CPC of .30, that’s going to be $15 dollars earned from that 1000 visitors.

Now say you replace adsense with a link that sends users to a form they can fill out (a lead). You have a 2% conversion and 4 dollars per lead. That’s 20 people who fill out the form and a total of $80 dollars earned.

For CPC, you might have a 1% CTR on a product that’s earns you 30 dollars a sale. 1000 visitors might net you $300 dollars! Hell even if it’s something like 5 dollars earned per sale, that’s still $50 dollars!

So as you see, adsense is often the montetization method that earns you the LEAST amount of money per given number of visitors.

So Ben, tell me exactly what to do here! Sorry, won’t do that. You are going to have to figure this out yourself. Now here’s a few rules of thumbs you can follow that I’ll toss out there for you. Even better, I won’t send you to a spammy sales page and charge you $37 dollars in WSO fees for it.

  • Rule of Thumb 1: For traffic with a need that does not convert with sales, lead generation (less commitment) usually does well.
  • Rule of Thumb 2: For target commercial traffic (product searches, health problems, etc) , CPS almost always earns you more money as the traffic will open up their wallets.
  • Rule of Thumb 3: For everything else, Adsense works best

In case you didn’t understand what the fuck I was talking about, here it is in plain man’s English: Monetizing ONLY with adsense is often the way to make the least amount of money. So make sure you experiment with OTHER revenue streams for your niches. You might find you can double your earnings (or more) just by switching to some other revenue method.

So there we go, 7 Adsense Myths that I’ve seen floating around the web that, in my opinion, are (mostly) wrong.

Another Rant About Mini Sites

Now there were a few BIG changes to the Google algorithm a few months ago (MAYDAY as some people call it). There were, in fact, two updates – one that happened around the end up May and one that happened June 3rd. There were a few major changes last month too that rocked the boat. Google is really starting to crack down on exact domain names — so if using exacts is your sole strategy for ranking, you better change that.

Mayday was designed to cut the crap from the index; it specifically targeted micro niche sites that have been developed a certain way. Oh, I know that’s not exactly what Google official said, but in reality, a lot of people saw their entire mini site empire crumble. From what I’ve seen, a lot of micro sites lost anywhere between 40-50 percent of all long tail traffic, due to sharp drops in rankings. I have one friend who lost 80 percent of all traffic.

I’m not positive exactly what sort of criteria G man used to knock sites back, but here’s a couple things I’ve noticed that may have been “looked for” by Google when targeting sites:

  1. Sites with less than 10 pages of content
  2. Sites that had the same theme (especially that Xcrapter theme that pretty much ruined the mini site model for everyone)
  3. Titles scrapped just from keyword tool
  4. Very few backlinks (less than 100)
  5. Individual pages lacking backlinks
  6. Backlinks from the same sources
  7. Exact keyword domains
  8. No outgoing links (to authority sites)

Yep, that describes about 95% of the mini sites out there. There are some crapo mini sites that did escape the update/s and are still kicking around. Probably not for long and certainly not if they leave a big wide footprint of sorts.

Where does this leave you? As I’ve been saying the past few posts, focus on quality not quantity. It’s still important to cast your net wide in terms of the number of web properties, but you should really focus your efforts on a core of sites you can really build up. The days of the 10 page set-it-and-forget it mini site are coming to an end, folks. You might get away with ultra thin mini sites for a while, but you are always going to risk waking up in the morning to find your sites gone from the index.

Now you’ve seen me rant quite a bit about the whole mini site thing. And I still get people asking me the following: “Can You still make money with mini sites.” So for the last time, here is my answer: Yes, but it’s not worth it. Mini sites are coming under heavy fire from google these days (just do a search, read a post on my forum about it,  or other forums — stories of mass site deindexes are cropping up everywhere).  I have a friend of a friend who actually lost 1.5k a day in adsense with a mass deindex about a month ago. Bad times indeed for some.

The proof is in the pudding as some people would say: Google has taken a clear stance against these type of sites and by pursuing this path seriously means you are going to lose. In a Me Vs. Google battle, I’d put my money on the guy with 50 billion in play cash and thousands of PH.D’s to order around.

Now this leads to another question that’s on a lot of people’s minds: Should You Pursue Adsense as a valid Revenue Model

Answer: Yes, but it’s a bad idea to solely pursue Adsense as a revenue source. Adsense is the easiest way to make money because you can simply do:

  1. Basic Keyword Research
  2. Write Targeted Posts
  3. SEO your site to the front page
  4. Get clicks

Pretty easy when it comes down to it. You don’t have to mess around with learning how to write a good cover letter, learning the ins and outs of marketing to people, hunting and testing various affiliate programs, etc.

However, Adsense is not necessarily the “best way” to make money as I detailed in a previous section of this post. Folks there are a number of other revenue models out there to look at:

  • CPA (lead generation)
  • CPS (affiliate selling)
  • Direct Stores (drop shipping, etc)

I see people so caught up in the Adsense thing they miss the trees from the forest. Guys, to survive in this game you need to diversify. If most of your money comes from one source (especially Adsense), I weep for you. Something bad is going to happen, eventually. Apply the same principal you apply to investing: DIVERSIFY. If you had all your money in a single stock, that wouldn’t be smart, would it? The same thing goes for putting all your passive income eggs in the basket called Adsense. Way too much risk, especially with what’s been going on. To most new comers, I would say it’s actually better to ignore adsense as a model until you make a full time income with affiliate selling first. Way safer.

I may, if I feel generous, talk about how to break into the CPA or CPS market as I’ve been doing a lot of experiments with these models the past 7 months. But I’ll have to be in a particularly good mood to do so.

Internet Marketing Software That’s Not Bullshit

Now here’s the recommendation part of the post where I try to convince you to sign up with my affiliate link for various services. Hey, for this much keyboard pushing, I deserve a few bucks. Despite the fact that I am attempting to make money by pushing IM products on you, I actually do use and abuse these programs myself.

The Best Spinner

Any internet marketer who’s serious about backlinking is going to need to get acquainted with spinning. I’ve recommended Magic Article Rewriter before, but the new kid on the block, The Best Spinner, is hands down, the-size-of-Texas better. It’s 70+ bucks a year, but worth every penny. My highest recommendation for it.

Sick Submitter

Forget about any of those other article directory submitters, rss bots, or profile link builders. Sick submitter is your all in one SOURCE for automated backlinks. It’s a bit complicated to use, but if you master it, you can be the Darth Vader of backlinks. Well, well worth the 21 bucks a month you pay. Get it and you have no need for bookmarking demon, article demon, magic article submitter, rssbot, dedicated profile builders, and any other stuff like that


UBOT is hands down my FAVORITE solution on the web to automating your workflow. If you are not a programmer type, don’t bother spending the 249 or so bucks to buy it. But if you are willing to spend a month or two learning HOW to create your own bots, you won’t have to buy another piece of internet marketing software again. Anything you can do in your browser can be automated. The kicker is YOU have to create the bots yourself to do it and that can take some time. But in the right hands, Ubot is deadly. If your interested, use my coupon code to knock of 50 bucks from the price: BUBU

If there is enough interest, I may create a recommendation thread for some of the better internet marketing programs. Such programs have their place and are useful, but they are not the end all, be all of backlinking. Not by far. It seems that most people don’t want to go the old fashioned way of building manual, quality backlinks. A pretty big mistake, in my opinion since these are the best backlinks you can get, better than hundreds of spam links by far. Still software can help a great deal, especially if you have many sites.

And  On to Other Things..

Ok, that’s it for now folks. I was only going to do a 500 word post and it’s already topped in at almost 3500 words. I think I’ve opened my big mouth enough for the time being and my fingers hurt. So I’m going to go do something that makes me money now.

Make sure you check out the new forum, which I completely overhauled with updated software. I’m also going to soon change the layout of this site. No need to have an ugly theme on it now.

Oh yes, I’m heading off abroad in 3-5 months again, this time for a year of travel across south east asia, Europe, and Africa. I’m going to be creating a new website detailing my travels and internet marketing while abroad. Should be interesting to read, I hope. I’ll let you know when it goes live. A few other projects I might share about later too.

Next post, when I feel like writing it, is titled “Dirty SEO”. Have a Merry Christmas in case I don’t get around to posting before then. Should be interesting.

Go Make Money Online,


How Not to Make Money Online


Hey guys. I’m a few days away from launching on a 2 month trip to the Tibetan and Middle Eastern parts of China and thought I’d get a post out before going.  I’ve been chugging away, doing my thing. I thought I would bring this experiment I started a few months ago  to a conclusion.  Let’s take a look at that one adsense project I’ve been nurturing the past 4 months.


As you can see, 4 months of hard work flushed down the toilet. Not all channel were added, so the account was making a bit more than the ~100 bucks a day that was listed there. It does suck because I was probably looking good to get that account up to 130-150 bucks a day by the end of this month — that’s a nice 35-50k a year. Until that deindex. As you see, the sites are earning 1/10 of what they were earning only because of Bing and Yahoo. Google graciously gave all my sites under this adsense account the Spammer VIP treatment. It took the adsense mini site model for a good ride. But, as I’ve found, that ride leads to a dead end. I wasn’t going to post any more income reports, but I figured I’d show the final result of that experiment.

If you’ve been following this site, I’ve been a huge proponent of the adsense mini model, practically since I’ve started this blog. That model is no longer valid. If you want to read my 4000 word post about why this is the case, feel free. But for those who are impatient or who want to get back to producing MFA sites, I’ll just say this: don’t bother with putting adsense on a lot of sites, you’ll lose your sites and maybe your account. Simple. For those who want to read on, you’ve been warned.

The future is changing folks and it’s time to adapt and evolve. It’s pretty clear from Google’s actions that the Adsense/Google search team is on the rampage to clean up the SERP’s. Any site that remotely looks like an MFA site is likely to get tossed out of the index and the owner’s adsense account banned.

The problem is not that the mini sites with adsense can’t make money anymore, the problem is that it’s too easy to make money if you know what you are doing. If you know how to optimize your pages, get targeted backlinks, etc your little mini site can often crush more general authority sites for single keyword rankings.

I want to be clear here: I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with putting out shit to make money.  If there’s a way to game game Google to make money, well that’s what Internet Marketers do. Good or bad,  that’s the system in place. I can say my sites did offer decent content — all hand written and pretty informative content. My stuff was certainly better than a lot of the shit out there, that’s for sure. However, when I look at the cost versus benefit ratio at the moment, the cost part is outweighing  the benefit part. Because of this, I say just go with the flow and produce a limited amount of high quality, helpful sites that rake in the traffic. You are far less likely to run into problems over the long run. I’m not saying don’t work the adsense mini site model. I know for most of you, this is/was the model you have been pursing. I’m basically saying I personally don’t believe it’s worth pursuing — but, hey, if you think you can make the gold using them, it’s no skin off my teeth.

Fact: the made-for-adsense model has become too popular. Grizzly has blogged extensively about this model for years, Court’s set up an entire school around this model,  I’ve been talking about it for about a year, and there are a number of so called gurus who sell popular “mini site” ebooks floating around on the web. When something becomes too popular, it no longer becomes effective. And this adsense mini site model is now coming under some heavy fire from Google — so heavy that I’m throwing in the towel with mini sites.

Keep in mind I am not saying the mini site with Adsense model is not effective for making money — It’s just not stable at all. There is a big difference. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want  to rely on a steady income when I’ve got a couple dogs, a couple mortgages, cars, and a couple wives (just joking 😉 ) to pay for. If your income has a big fucking chance of going BOOM at any second, that’s not the sort of passive income I want. Though, if you are say a black hatter, that’s you’re entire model. I prefer stability.

Having a few thousand internet marketers monopolize a portion of the search with zillions of MFA sites doesn’t seem to be the direction Google wants to go with its search. Google has no qualms about treating your sites like vermin if they class them as MFA.

Now I’ve been contemplating this post for about a week now. It’s kind of an irony that some of the other MMO bloggers are on the same page as I am in regards to this. In Grizzy’s latest post about Making Money with Adsense, he reveals why MFA sites are pretty much finished as a stable model. The #1 ranking blog (a blogger blog too) for the term Make Money Online was recently deleted by the blogger.com spam team – ostensibly because the blog was “spam”, which is not, but really because the blog talked about how to optimize made for adsense style sites. And then there’s me – I’ve had my last 4 months of work knocked out in an instant by Google – hundreds of sites completely deindexed last week. They were nice enough to leave my adsense account intact, nice of them, especially since I’m sure the account is flagged with a “let’s inspect all news sites added each month”. No thanks, I’ll pass.

Some of the other bloggers have gotten some sort of warning from Google, but I got the hammer and nothing else. A deindex is a severe blow – worse than getting your adsense account banned. Your traffic pretty much dies to all sites.

I want to build a business that’s not in imminent danger of being wiped out overnight. Churning out a zillion little sites with the intention of making it with adsense is NOT a stable model.

If you go the mini site model, it takes a shit load of sites before you can really pull in the cash. And this is exactly what Google doesn’t want – a shit load of MFA sites clogging up the index. To make money with this model, you need to make a lot of sites and by doing so, you end up putting yourself in danger of losing it all at any second. Sorry, that type of model doesn’t fly for me. I can make a killing with these types of sites – I have it down to pretty much a science now when it comes to making these sites make money. But, I’d rather spend my time to build something that offers some real value.

And that’s why the MFA model is dead – there is no inherent value to these sites. If you’ve got 5 or 6 posts of hastily rewritten ezine article content (and the sad fact is that 95% of all content churned out by internet marketers tends to be a rewrite of someone’s rewrite of someone’s brother’s hired writer’s rewrite who rewrote some PLR content, which just rewrote some articles from About.com), a big honking ad bar under the title, a plain (or ugly) theme, and a bar bones sidebar, you’ve got a MFA site.

You can argue till you’re blue in the face that the quality of your content is so good that your site is not a MFA site. I’ll tell you right now, the person inspecting your sites does not give a fuck about how informative your 4 page site is or the style of your writing. If your  site even has a hint that it’s MFA site, your entire account and all sites on that adsense account are at risk. The sad thing is that you might have 80 sites that are pretty good, stellar even (though I’m hard pressed to believe you actually have time to create 80 fantastic sites — no one has that kind of time) but if the few sites the inspector looks at happen to fall in the “my 20 shitty sites I forgot about a couple years ago” category, ALL your sites might get the boot. The adsense/search review team don’t usually check out more than a few sites on your account — they certainly won’t look at say 100 sites, especially if they all look exactly the same…

There is a pretty big debate about what constitutes a MFA site. There are a lot of people making a living out there teaching other people to make a living with adsense. Make a site, slap on adsense, repeat with the next site. Maybe a year or three later, you’ve got yourself a bit of an income.

I don’t support this model anymore because I know it’s not sustainable. Sure, you might get away with it for a while but you are eventually going to lose your sites. As I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t think telling people this model is a house of sand is going to make me popular, both with people who have a vested interested in promoting this model and people who are hoping “make it’ with this model, but that’s the reality.

Now, I should address this question here before I get it in the comments: “how many sites is too much?” My answer is, how many real, legit sites can you actually create? I’m not talking those 5-6, page set-and-forget sites, but living sites that are updated semi regularly and don’t feature McArticles that you churn out in 10 minutes (or some poor Joe in Abustakeshumastan churns out for 5 bucks). My bet is that you’d be hard press to maintain 50-75 sites like this. Some might be able to do it, some might not. In my case, Adsense only belongs on large sites with high value now — the so called authority site, if you want to call it that. If you want me to throw a ballpark figure out there, let’s say for the average person 20 sites or less on an adsense account (i’m not counting hundreds of hubs, IB’s or whatever other shared web 2.0 you put on, those seem to be fine). Most people not trying to milk the adsense mini site model don’t have more than 20 sites anyways, so by virtue of just having a shit load of domains with adsense, you risk become flagged as one of those MFA spammers.

So, aim for value with your sites now. Wow, I might be suggesting something very un-IM here: actually try and deliver some value. Value guys, does not come from rewriting ezines, it comes from delivering something new — if not in information then the way it’s delivered. If you want to write about midget thongs, well hey, maybe check out a few circus books about midget thongs and try and become a legitamate expert about that topic — you might find you can actually write your own articles. And mini sites, as far as I’m concerned, don’t offer any sort of value to the searcher — they (usually) create another barrier between the user and what they often want (legit info, products, etc).

People who defend this model will go to great lengths telling you how their mini sites are not made for adsense. I call bullshit. If you have 20+ sites and you’ve created them fairly quickly, they are MFA, no matter what you say. Any sort of adsense site that’s churned out in a sort of factory style is not a legit site. I don’t care if that’s 100 sites a month or 10 sites a month.

I’m not Google guys and I can’t read the mind of the google employee who may decide whether to crush your sites or not. However, YOU KNOW when you’ve created a made for adsense site. To have a site stick around with adsense, you need to create some real value. Churning out a few bullshit articles that you have no idea what the fuck you are writing about or paying 3-5 bucks an article to someone else who has no fucking idea about the topic either is NOT the way to go about this business.

This is why the so called authority broad authority sites like About.com and niche authority sites get such blanket trust ranking from Google – the content is informative, reader friendly, and importantly, not written to fucking score those clicks!

I’ve made a few posts about this on my forum, but I don’t think a lot of people really understand. You tell people you’ve been deindexed and they immediately go back to their thin sites and add another one or two posts of rewritten, bullshit information on the same MFA theme and feel nice and secure.

That’s not the way to do it folks. My opinion is that instead of spending a shitload of time building of a shitload of crap, spend a shitload of time building a handful of quality sites.

Now before everyone get’s paranoid about their 20 MFA sites, if you’ve got a handful of sites MFA  and you are not making some serious coin, then it’s unlikely that your account will be flagged for an inspection. I’ve heard other people talk about 100 or 200 bucks a day bringing a visual. In my case, my account had broken the 100 mark and 2 days later all sites on that account were deindexed.

I’ve talked to 5 other people who make money online and they’ve all lost their money making sites the past year too. In every instance, they had Adsense on the sites taken down! In many of the cases, these people had 50 or more unique articles on their sites and the content was informative, etc. However, all these people had dozens of sites on the same adsense account with similar style layouts (though different themes).

I’ve concluded that if you have a lot of sites with adsense and you start to pull some coin, you are probably going to get your sites removed, no matter if you’ve got a lot of content or not. If Google feels you are creating websites specifically to make money from the search and it looks like you are repeating that same formula over and over, you’ll lose your sites, no matter how much content you shove on a site.

Now since people always want to know the How’s and the Why’s, here are 10 things you can do to get  your sites deindexed. Guys, I don’t work for Google and I can’t say any specific one of these can cause problems, but I do know from my own experience and the experience of friends who have been spanked by google that these are some of the elements that may have caused problems with losing sites and accounts.

1.  Less than 10 pages of quality, informative, and non BS content.

It’s definetly helpful to have more than 10 pages of content (most “thin” sites don’t have 10 pages, but 1-6 pages). But…..This alone won’t save you, I had 3 page sites removed, I had 6 page sites removed. I’ve talked to more than a few people with site that had 30 unique article sites get deindexed). I’ve talked to a number of people who had 50 page sites deindexed, just because the site had a MFA style layout. If you’ve got an information rich site that’s poor on the presentation of that information (spammy ads blocking the text, ads looking like menu bars, etc), the amount of content you have might not help.

2.       Same Theme on All Sites

This is a big one. If you are putting the same theme on all your websites, god helps you. This is a huge sign of a MFA clone factory going on. I can’t tell you for sure that just having the

same theme on 30 websites will get your sites removed from the index, but the people who deindex sites for a living are not stupid people. If you see someone putting the same theme on multiple sites, they certainly are not putting a lot of TLC into that site or they are trying to mass produce sites – a big no no these days with Google.

3.       A MFA or SEO Theme (especially a well known ones)

There are a few themes floating around that everyone seems to use for adsense. Do NOT use these themes. Any theme by bloggers in the MMO or SEO niche, don’t use. Don’t use that Grizzly theme that’s been floating around for a couple years, don’t use any of those SEO themes produced by members of the MMO community. Don’t throw on that stupid theme that seems to be on every fucking exact keyword domain out there. These themes usually have big footprint AND it ties your sites to the whole MFA system – something you definitely don’t want to be associated with if you sites are getting inspected. You can bet even quality sites that use these themes are likely to be associated with the MFA crowd on inspection. Use unique themes for EACH site, themes that are optimized for user experience and not clicking! That means those big honking ad bars under the title — think about removing. 2-3 adds per page, remove. Bare bones layout, don’t do it! Google has and WILL remove your sites just because you have a certain theme on.

4.       Rip Titles out of the Keyword Tool

Ok, we’ve all done it. But don’t do it now. You want to write keyword optimized posts about keywords and the best way to go about that is to use the exact keyword phrases only, right? Right if you want torank. Wrong if you want to get deindexed. As good as writing titles for SEO is for rankings, it’s also a good sign that your site is MFA.

Let’s see, if I’m writing about “Midget Thongs” and I write five posts with “Child Midget Thong, Childs Midget Thong, Child Midget Thongs, Midget Thong for Child, Chidren’s Midget Thong and Kids” it’s pretty fucking obvious these posts are not written with the reader in mind. Don’t do this shit – it’s a one way ticket to the deindex hell. Use real titles that your English teacher might be proud of. You can still incorporate a few choice keywords into the mix and still write a good title. But don’t make all your titles seem like a copy and paste right from the keyword tool.

5.       SEO Writing

Repetitive and clunky inclusion of long tail phrases, bolding of the keywords, always including an awkward keyword in the paragraph and conclusion of the article, etc. This might work wonders for ranking, but it’s annoying for readers and you can bet it’s something you don’t want the google  gods reading over when trying to decide whether they should ban your little ass from the SERPS. Write something that’s actually helpful, something that sounds natural, please.

6.       Use Same Hosting Account

If you guys have a lot of sites, please oh please don’t put them all on the same hosting. You might think you’re safe but it’s easy for google to deindex all your sites just based on this criteria. I suspect google’s formular for deindexing goes something like this: MFA looking site, lots of them with similar layouts, same hosting account = BAN. Even if you don’t use adsense and something like amazon,  you should break up your sites into 20-30 sites per hosting account.

7.       Put all sites under the same adsense account

If you’ve read this far, this should be pretty obvious to you by now — I’ve been talking about it for 3000 words. In one word, don’t have lots of sites under the same adsense account. Just…don’t. If you’ve got a lot of sites and you’re a stubborn fucker who still insists the adsense mini site model is the way to go, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You’ll still get banned eventually, but it will take longer.

8.       Too Many Ads

More is not always better guys. I’ve found that having a single ad can sometimes make more money than having more ads (this is not a set fact, it can vary depending on theme and niche of course) — and I suspect you get all  the higher paying ads if you use a single ad bar instead of like 3. I like to opt for one or two ads  these days. I can tell you if the ratio of ads to content is on the low end for content, your site is a MFA. In fact, as much as like the CTR of putting the ad right below the title bar, this “above the fold” approach may actually be too aggressive. It’s certainly one of the signs of a MFA. I’m not saying you can’t put that ad right below the title, but you better be careful that there is more for the user to click on (and see) than just an ad.

9.        Ads Pretending to Be Menu Bars

MFA right there. If people are clicking on your ads by accident, you can bet your site’s crossing into MFA country. If people click on an ad by accident or because they think they are clicking on one of your menus and end up at an ad, they won’t likely convert for the advertiser and Google doesn’t like this. Plus, it’s bad user experience. Make a CLEAR distinction — either by adding an “advertiser” note or making some other way to distinguish menus and ad.

10.      Use Adsense on Your Sites

Yup, the easiest way to get your sites deindexed is to…drums roll…use Adsense. You cut your chances down remarkably of ever getting sites deindexed just by not using adsense on your sites. All sites that have your adsense ID on easily spotted by google. Indeed, it’s a great way for them them to weed out all that crap — simply target guys who are making a certain amount of money with adsense for a visual review. Deindex, repeat. Maybe google employees get paid by the dozen (deindexed)sites? Who knows. Adsense is great guys — I’m not saying don’t use it — you certainly can make a lot of money. But for sites that are…well…thin, it’s probably not a good idea anymore.

What does this mean and where do we go?

The bottom line is that Google does NOT like people like us, people who use their own keyword tool (which was designed for ADWORDs btw) and knowledge of how their algorithm works to spit out sites that are manufactured only to draw in clicks. They don’t like the whole mini site model, period. I believe in their eyes, your small site won’t ever have the sort of value or trust that a mega authority site will.

So where do we go from here? I’ll just say this: there’s a lot of other ways to make money besides adsense. If you want to use adsense – and yes, you can make a killing with adsense – focus on those high quality, large authority style sites. Based on what I’ve seen the past month, those are really the only type of sites that Google wants adsense on, which is ironic since the smaller, spammy types sites make them more money. Those are certainly the only type of sites I’m throwing my adsense ID on ever again. The era of the small adsense site is coming to an end and if you are hoping to churn out site after site with adsense, you are going to get your sites deindexed eventually. With adsense, the option is to either go big or get banned now. If you’ve got mini sites that show potential, the answer is simple: develop them. And diversify into other income streams. There are a lot of ways to make money besides adsense mini sites guys.

What about me? Well, I’m still making good money through other sites so I’m still alive and kicking hard, but for obvious reasons, I’m not going to talk about those here. I’m going all out and diversifying into affiliate sales from now on.

I’ve always been pretty good about posting my earnings because so many people here talk bullshit about how to make money but can’t back it up. I think if you are going to offer advice or teach anyone about making money online, you need to have some sort of pedigree to back it up – otherwise, you’re just one of those moneyless noobs haunting DSP or Warrior forums. I think I’ve proved my point that I can make money online and I won’t be demonstrating that anymore publicly.

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve seen a lot of the same people asking the same questions over and over, waiting for me or others to give them the magical information to help them make it rich online. If in a full year you haven’t made some decent money online, there are some pretty good reasons: primarily, you’re not fucking working or you’re waiting for some magical information that will give you an easy ride. You can make it big in this biz, but don’t sit around a table waiting for the scraps that whatever “guru” throws your way. Go out and learn new stuff and work hard and results will come.  There are no shortcuts in this biz – the shortcuts that do exist won’t lead you to a stable income. If I have a get rich formula, I’m certainly not going to share it, because after 1000 of you use that formula, it’s not a get rich formula. This is why ANY sort of formula to make money online, by virtue of other people knowing it, becomes less and less effective. If you do the same thing based on a formula that other people know, you can bet your car that thousands of other people are too. That’s why people who “make it” usually keep their mouths shut about how they do so – they don’t want to bring down their entire income. Most of the “real” MMO bloggers stopped publicly talking about what they do and I’m now going to join the club.

Anyways, a long rambling post. Have a good one guys! I’ll be living out a backpack the next couple months, pursing my photography. I hope to have some winners to share when I get back.

Ben K

How to Generate Web Content for Internet Marketing and SEO

Famous mountain range in china, Huanshang

Famous mountain range in china, Huanshang

A real long post today folks. Sorry, I didn’t mean to, I swear.

I’d thought I’d talk about content generation today, and some ways to simplify the process. I’ve been promising a post like this for a couple months now, so it’s probably long overdue.

As any internet marketer knows, one of the greatest challenges is to generate content for your sites. The more sites you have, the more of a headache it becomes to fill them with content. I know it is for me, with over 1k web properties out there in addition to a 100 or so farm blogs. At some point, it becomes absurd – you spend all your time just posting to your existing properties and not getting backlinks or creating new sites.

I’m not going to lie to you – there is no easy solution. Well there is, but it takes a lot of money, something most of you probably don’t have at this point.

There are really two ways of getting unique content: paying someone to write it for you or doing it yourself. Well there’s a third way, one that involves opening your own article directory ala Hubpages/Infobarrel/Ezine Articles. The third option is obvious the best one, but it’s probably something that’s beyond the ken for most people, so we’ll discount it.

I’m actually going to do a bit of an experiment and try to set up my own article directory. My idea is that if I can convince people to use it for article submissions, it’s free content for me to make money with and a good source of backlinks for them. However, to make it have any sort of value, it’s going to take some serious backlink work to give some domain authority to it. More on this in another post.

Generating Articles through Outsourcing

The best outsourcing I’ve yet found are Human Rewriter. You can check out my human rewriter review for my thoughts on this ( you are going to have to hunt through my massive post for it). In general, I’ve found the quality to be very high – higher than other outsourcing solutions. The catch is that you have to find an article to submit and, if you want to know a buck or two off the price, do a little bit of editing. This can be a major fucking headache when trying to submit 300-400 articles – so much of a headache that I gave up on the editing part completely. In my case, my time is more important than shaving a few hundred bucks off my outsourcing. You are looking about 10 minutes per submission, which includes finding an article to be rewritten, pasting it, adding an SEO title, keywords, and editing the article to lower the price (less sentences = cheaper prices). For batches of 20-30 articles, you are looking at 3 or so hours – not bad if you can get a very well-written 400 word article for say 3.50. If you are looking at 300 articles, well, expect to site there for a week. Still, if you are really trying to maximize your buck and money is more important than time, it may be worth it.

I do suggest you take advantage of their free 5 credit offer (5 bucks worth of articles) – you can at least get 1-2 free articles out of them. Free is free. I currently use human rewriter for hundreds of articles a month.

Another outsourcing company that seems to be popular is Textbroker. I can’t say how the quality is, since I have not yet used them. But I’m going to buy 100 or so articles from them – probably on the lowest quality tier. I’ve heard mixed reviews. I’m sure there are some people here who can give their opinion on this service.

For people who like to play craps, you may try CyberHub. You can get articles for 3 bucks. However, it’s a real hit or miss as far as quality goes. With 10 articles you may find 1 that could win the Pulitzer, 2 that are decent, and 7 that make something written on a notepad while riding a bucking bull look good. The waits can be very long though.

My personal rule is not to outsource unless you make 1k a month or more. The reason is that just pumping out content is NOT enough to make you money on the web. I know I have been preaching volume, and it works – fantastically well. However, you need targeted content in niches you have experimented in – niches that you know will do well with enough content in them. So for you people starting out MMO, don’t take out a couple G’s on your credit card or secure some high interest payday loan and pump the money into a few hundred articles. Get your hands dirty with writing articles for a few months, find out what works, then, once you KNOW you can make money (and your 1k a month track record proves it), look at outsourcing to improve your productivity.

And from personal experience, do not hire Indian writers or troll through MMO forums looking for 1-2 dollar articles. You get what you pay for – if you get anything at all. Seriously, who can fucking afford to spend 30 minutes writing an article for 1 buck? At best your work is going to be outsourced to zoo monkeys randomly mashing keyboard buttons with the intent to produce the first sentence in the bible. You get someone trying to prove evolution while taking your money. Nice.

I had some jackass steal 800 bucks a few months ago and not deliver shit. Paypal WON’T give you a refund if your hired writer decides to hit up a few nightclubs with your money.

With outsourcing, I find you have to pay about 5 bucks for a 400 word article to get something that sounds native-written – less with places like Human Rewriter. But remember, if something looks to good to be true, it probably fucking is!

Where to Use Outsourced Articles?
Money Sites and Solid authority sites or sites with adsense on them like infobarrel or hubpages. If you guys are making more money than you know what to do with, then sure, buy articles for backlink support – go articles, ezines, Squidoo, etc. However, I personally only use outsourced articles for money sites and good support blogs. Articles for backlinks, I do myself.

Generating Articles through Spinning

Now, what about generating content for your support support sites or your blog farms. Well, you can either spend a zillion hours writing bullshit for these sites, or you can do what the rest of use IM’ers do – spin.

Spinning articles is NOT a new concept and if you don’t know about spinning, I suggest you learn. Spinning is a great way to take a unique article and get another 100 unique articles from it. The main issue with spinning is that it takes a god damn stupid amount of time to create the syntax.

There are basically two types of spinning: single level spinning, and nested spinning. Single level spinning can make the article pretty unique, unique enough to get indexed by Google. Nested spinning adds a whole other dimension and can really make the article unique.

Here is an example of single level spinning:

The {best | top | most efficient way} how to {get rid of | eliminate| cure| stop} cancer is to not {smoke| inhale| puff} cigars.

Basically, everything enclosed in { } are a choice. Each time software converts spin notation to text, a random selection is made from the words in the { }. When you write an entire article in this format, you get a fairly unique article.

With nested spinning, you basically something even more unique. Here is an example of a nested spin:

{The {best | top | most efficient way} how to {get rid of | eliminate| cure| stop} cancer is to not {smoke| inhale| puff} cigars | {Get rid of | eliminate | stop} your cancer by not smoking}.

It looks more complicated, but what happens is that software will look at the first set of choices (in this case, the two full sentences that are serrated by the “|”)

{ sentence 1} | {sentence 2}

And fore each of those sentences, the software, spinner, or whatever will look for spin notation {}, and if any spin notaion is found for that specific sentence will select from the choices enclosed in the {}. Basically, you get something really unique. Still confused? Do a search on the web, or visit the www.jetspinner.com website. It’s not that hard to figure out how spinning works if you spend a few minutes playing around with it.

So, what’s the advantage of spinning? You can take a unique article (or a PLA article, or even someone else’s article) and rewrite it in SPIN notation, then use that spin notation to generate hundreds of unique articles from it. The more time you spend working in spin notation, the more unique your article will be and the better it will sound. Typically, you want 30% unique to get indexed by google and avoid the whole duplicate penalty. If you can get it up to 60-100% unique, you pretty much have a fountain of unique articles to use.

There are automated spinners out there – two types actually. Some auto spinners will only give you the spun version of the article you input while others will actually convert the article to SPIN notation – and you can use the SPIN notated version of the article for your own purposes (more on this later).

Jet Spinner is one such website that will spin articles for you – probably the most popular one and it’s free — if you input the spin notation. There are also a zillion programs you can downloan or buy that will spin articles as well.

Stay the fuck away from auto spinning though. There are programs that you can imput an article and generate a machine spin. Auto spun content is CRAP CRAP and in my opinion, not worth it. You get absolute garbage text back – any person reading such an article will know it’s spun. The search engines may index the article if the spin is good enough, but typically what happens is that all the long tails – those keywords that the search engine will index your support site for, which then can build some authority for that keyword to transfer to the site it links to – get mangled as well. And don’t even think about putting Adsense on an auto spun article. You are asking for a ban.

Now, the downside of spinning is that it takes a long time. If you are fast, you probably can do a 1st level spin of a 400 word article in about 1-2 hours. If it’s a nested spin, it can take 4-6 hours for a 500 word article (I know, I’ve done it.).

But, there’s a trick – and this is Magic Article Rewriter. I have this linked to under “Best Content Generation Software” and it’s true. I used this all the time. For creating high quality SPIN-notated articles, there is NO better tool out there. Basically, this lets you turn any article into SPIN notation in 10-40 minutes, depending on the level of SPIN you wanted added. The program basically streamlines the spinning process – but you choose the words. This results of a pretty high quality spin version – I’ve used some articles on support blogs and even a few on money sites as well.

For a nested spin, it will probably take you 20-45 minutes to do a very high quality, unique article. This article can probably pass on your support blogs or your money site.  If you just want a fast 1st level spin for some low quality support blogs, you are probably looking 10-20 minutes if you really burn it.

What can I do with a SPIN Notated Article?
Spun article are GREAT for crappy support blogs or for blog farms – especially if you have a bunch in the same niche.

For example, say I have 30 blogger blogs about cancer, 10 hubs, 5 Squidoo, and various other web 2.0 properties about the same topic.

You can spend an 30 minutes (with MAR) or several hours (spinning by hand) creating a spin-notated version of an article in the cancer niche. You can then use spinning software (MAR, Jetspinner, or whatever) to generate as many versions as you need to populate ALL your crappy support blogs with the same unique versions of the article. This allows you to get that fresh content bonus from google and build up your support sites with unique content. This all helps the sites being linked to by the support sites.

How long would it take to put unique handwritten articles on 50 sites? Exactly — a long long time. Creating spin-notated articles let’s you one shot the entire batch with a single article.

Keep in mind that if your hubpages has adsense on it, I would not advise putting crappy spun content on any hub — or your money sites. Any site that has editors (like infobarrel, ezines) or peer watchdogs (hubpages), don’t give them crappy spun content.

With Magic Article Rewriter, you can create very well written spins that you can use for quality support sites and maybe money sites, but you need to make sure you spend some good time ensuring the article sounds good and is very unique.

In general, if I’m going to submit a spun article I use MAR on my money sites or web 2.0 properties with my adsense on, I’ll spend a solid 45-50 minutes doing a very unique spin that reads very well. Possible with MAR in less than an hour, but if you do it by hand, you are looking at 4-6 hours (that’s what it takes me).

Another use – probably one of the best uses – is to combine the power with spinning with some of the backlink networks. You can use SPIN-notated articles directly with Article Marketing Automation and Backlink Solutions (with some changes) and indirectly with Unique Article Wizard. These backlink networks basically submit you SPIN notated article to hundreds of blogs. Since each version of the article is unique, the article has a much higher chance of getting indexed. I’m going to talk about how to use backlink networks effectively (with some tricks) in another post. Backlink networks, in general, are NOT a replacement for solid, high quality links. But you can get a lot of quantity which can give you movement in the SERPS, hide your good links, and for no competition/ low competition niches, let you reach the top 3 spots. They are really useful for support sites – especially web 2.0 properties with domain authority that can survive a massive assault of links. More on this in another post.

I’ll be talking about backlink networks and how to use them effectively. I am tossing up creating a bit of a tutorial about how to create a niche wordpress blog – but there may be no need for these, since most of you out there SHOULD already know how to do this. I *may* add a forums to this site for people to help each other.

Auto Content Generation

One more content generation tool that’s very handy is Frank’s Blog Content Wizard. Frank is another one of us IM’ers, part of the Grizzly (Make Money) crowd. His tool is fantastic for creating Search Engine fodder. You can basically export keywords from Google’s Keyword tool into the program, specify how many articles you created, how many words, and the frequency of your primary keyword appearance. And hit a button. In a couple minutes, you will have content for your blog farms. The program has a massive database of English phrases, and it randomly inserts your keywords into the these phrases. You basically get an SEO rich article full of your primary keywords and related keywords. The articles actually, somehow make twisted sense. With an initial glance, it looks you like are reading something an English as a Second Language student or something someone taking a lot of LSD would write. But, if you clean up the first and last paragraphs, it probably won’t get flagged. Keep in mind, only put BCW articles on third tier support sites. Never on your money site or any site with adsense on them. If you want to know how this works with setting up a support structure for your site, read my how to create a blog farm post.

I  won’t get into automatically generating content and sending it to blogs (that’s in the realm of auto scraper sites). You can make money like this — and it’s something I am testing. But, it’s a pretty risky model and something you probably should not invest time into unless you really know what you are doing.

Make Money Online Experiements

A few very quick updates.

Niche Devil
Lo and behold, I’ve managed to squeeze out about 100 bucks with my Spammy ND sites. I’ve done NO promotion on these things and a significant portion have not been indexed yet. I still have another 100 domains to throw up. Based on the success I’ve seen with just a handful, I’m interested in putting hundreds of these out there. However, I’m just not sure what money there is to be made in a couple months when ebay changes its pricing scheme. With pay per click instead of pay per lead, it could mean pennies per click – something not worth the time and effort.

I do have plans for creating 100 solid PHPBay stores in a couple months. I’ve already created a couple of these and they are earning consistently – 10-20 bucks a month. In the right niches and some promotion, I can see you could make a 100+ bucks a month witch each one. Again, waiting to see what this whole pricing change is going to be.

Authority Site/Flagship Blog Project
Finally started my authority site project. Got most of the content outsourced now. The site is going to have probably 300-400 targeted articles. And I’m going to have to build backlinks to every single post. I’m shopping around for a domain right now – preowned. I don’t want to deal with the headache of a new domain. A good preowned may save me months of work. My goal is to start a 300-400 article authority site EVERY SINGLE MONTH from now on. I can then rotate my link building from month to month. I’m not sure how many authority sites I can juggle at the same time, but I’d like to have 12 of these in a year, each major niche.

This is going to be a long term project. I don’t expect to see any money for a few months. We’ll see just how long it is before I can make any money. These types of sites take a lot of work and time to build up an authority site. I can make a killing once I get some authority though. I’ll talk more about how to build an authority site in another post.

Adsense Snipers
Love these. These are my biggest earners so far more than matching my Hubpage earnings and everything else. I’m behind with my schedule though. I’m trying to put out 3 of these a day, but that’s REALLY pushing it. I’m already at my max time wise. I simple don’t have enough time in the day (I still work a job) so hubs, snipers, backlinks, and authority sites in a single day.

Other Updates

New Infobarrel Revenue Sharing Module

Infobarrel is going to be announcing a new additional source of revenue sharing, so for those who are raking it in (and I know a few of you who are doing VERY well with just infobarrel), you will be able to add to your earnings.

About infobarrel. If you guys are trying to make money with infobarrel, you need to BACK your infobarrels up with solid links. Just throwing a ton of infobarrels out there without any sort of backlinks won’t see you too much money now. Once, it was possible, but there is a TON of competition now, so you need to send ezines, Hubpages, or other links to each IB you write if you want to rake in the cash.

So a bit over a month ago, I used Justin’s Web SEO service on 45 of my hubs. The results have been great. Traffic has gone up for those hubs and I’m making more money consistantly with them. I’d actually say the hubs that were submitted to all 3 backlinks services have the most traffic out of all my hubs. If you are looking for a quick SERP boost to your sites, but don’t have the money or time to use some of the expensiveve backlinks networks, give Web SEO a try.

In general, I don’t suggest touching your money site with backlink networks. They are best used on supporting blogs without adsense on them. You can get away with using backlink networks on web 2.0 properties that have a lot of trust with google (hubpages for example), but I would not advice on a self hosted blog you own — especially if it does not have a lot of authority in google’s eyes. They can do wonders at pumping up your support blogs, especially for low competition longtails. I’m going to post about backlink networks and how to use the right in another post.

How to Make Money Online without Work

Simple. You can’t.

The more I do this whole make money online thing, the more I realize how much work this is. I’ve been harping on this for months now, and it’s just as true now as it has been in the past. If you want to make money online with internet marketing, you are going to have to put gobs of work in. Anyone with delusions of spending an hour a day creating websites, give up now.

My model, right now, is volume. I pump the web full of my properties, send a few links and let them age. If I put out 1000 properties in a month, I know those properties will bring in money. Maybe not this month, or next month, but in time, they will. In a year, they will bring in far more money than in 3 months for now. All these properties can be used to sniff out niches which to deploy my own sites. All these properties can be used as a very high quality link farm. I can tell you folks, it’s a big big leg up to be able to start a new site and send 200 quality links from your other sites to support the new site. If you happen to have solid authority sites for link juice, you are laughing to the bank – ranking will be easy if you have authority sites in a related niche.

Unless you are incredibly lucky, you will NOT be seeing any real money within 2-4 months spending a couple hours a day building websites on the weekdays. To see quick results, you first need to understand how to make money online (as taught by Court, Grizzly, Vic, my blogs, or other people who know what’s up) and you need to do the work to get there.

If you can only do 2 hours a day, 5 days a week – that’s fine, but be prepared for the long haul before seeing money: 6 months, a year, maybe 2. Why? Because it’s hard to get enough shit done in 1- 2 hours a day to make a difference. Is it impossible? Probably not, but from what I’ve seen with my own MMO journey, that’s not enough time to make money in a short amount of time online.

I’ve been putting in 8-14 hour days, 7 days a week. There is no “secret” to my making money here. Oh, I know SEO and I’ve learned quite a few “tricks” from months of experimenting with niches, sites, SEO etc. But the basic difference between me and many of you is that I simply work 10 times harder. While you watch the latest episode of Heroes, go shopping, or sleep, I’m sitting at my computer, writing content, creating sites, and doing keyword research.

I have a lot of people asking me to teach them how to make money fast or asking me if I can show them a different method than Court or Grizzly shows. Some secrete trick to make a full time income in a few months. Because, hell, I’ve done it.

Sure, I’ll tell you what to do. Throwing your TV out the window, disconnecting the phone, lock yourself into your house, stop all social activities, and work for 4 months straight, all day and most of the night. Folks if you put this level of commitment into ANYTHING, you are going to be good at it – no matter what it is.

I realize some of us actually want to have a life – and that’s perfectly understandable. You can certainly make a full time income online going at it slow – as long as you are consistent. Go at this slow (but consistent), but make sure you are willing to wait a year or two before making solid money. There are no shortcuts here – you either do the work in a short period of time or the work over a long period. No matter what you do, the mountain is the same size and it takes the same amount of steps to get to the top. It’s just how fast you are willing to climb.

Damn it. And this was suppose to be a short post. Clocked in at 4k words this time.

See you next week. If I have the time.


Authority Blogs, Niche Blogs, and Making Money

Victoria Peak -- Hong Kong

Victoria Peak -- Hong Kong

Been VERY busy this past week, between my real life job and my IM activities. But, always time for another massive post…

Niche Devil

Time to give a bit of an update for this one. I’m not going to post any stats because there’s not much to post. My clicks are steadily increasing (around 50+ a day now).

Well, I have mixed feelings on this one. I only have about 130 sites up with probably 20-30 indexed. My grand plan for 500-1000 ND sites is on hold for a couple reasons. I am busy making money with Adsense snipers, I am not convinced about the long term viability of these, and ebay is making some massive changes to their pricing scheme just to combat sites like this.

Now, how eBay structures their current pricing scheme is all Vodoo to me. But this new pricing scheme is even more Vodoo than the old system. Ostensibly, it’s to “help” affiliates make more money, but the writing on the wall is that eBay is trying to “help” themselves to our commission. What this change does to say clicks coming from thin affiliate sites like ND, I don’t know – but I suspect it’s not going to be good. They are going to pay by click now – if I can produce a mass amount of clicks with ND sites, there still could be money. But I don’t want to drop 1000 of these sites out there, only to find ebay has pulled the rug. There are of course Chitika or whatever that ad network is called. I have not put it on any sites yet.

There has been a lot of controversy about Niche Devil. A lot of people were initially sold on the fact that ND were untraceable, etc. This is not the case and the software won’t be making any noob IM’ers any money. If you know what you are doing and willing to put on the black, you can make some money. The long term sustainability of thin affiliate sites is a big question – google (and now, presumably ebay) really detests sites like this. You put yourself squarely against Google when you start mass producing these. I would rather put my time in making hubpages, infobarrels, or legitmate sites.

I’ve probably made about 20-30 bucks from my clicks so far. From direct sales, about 5 bucks, but when the clicks are added to my quality score, the money goes up.

To be honest, I really have not spent the time I should have creating these though. I’ve been distracted with my snipers which take a god aweful amount of time to produce. I’m going to put up another 70 or so ND sites and try and backlink all the sites that are not indexed and see what happens. I’m not sure how this whole ebay change is going to effect these — it may be for the worse.

If you have ND sites, there are a few things you can do to keep your sites indexed:

*Don’t use buying keywords in the domain (www.cheapcoffecups.com) with a .info
*Don’t use buying keywords as the Title or in Headers WITH a .info
*Change your CSS template every single ND site you have

So I’m still going to put some work into ND, but I’m not going all out on them at this point. I want to see if I can get what I have indexed first before comitting to massive amounts.

Edit (Aug 22): I’ve made about 130 bucks so far — probably half of this from ND sites. I’ve put no effort into these other than putting my original 130 up there. Only some of those are indexed, but considering I’ve made close to 100 bucks, I’m seeing some potential here — it’s well worth putting more effort into these, so I’m going to try to continue to my 500 goal. I’ll just have to make sure the next round, I make sure to avoid buying keywords.

Adsense snipers

Ah, my new favorite toy. The force is strong with these indeed. On the internet, you’ll find a lot of people talking utter bullshit about their earnings. I like to back my claims with some tangible proof. Here we go…


As you see, not a bad start. I’ve started my snipers about two weeks ago, and I’m kicking out at close to 60 bucks a day. I’ve just gotten warmed up with these as well – I’m going to have over 300 snipers out within the next 2-3 months. I’m a bit behind on my schedual for these, but I hope to churn out several of these a day. This past 2-3 weeks has NOT been as productive as I’d like, mainly to work and various social obligations. I’m really going to have to up my productivity soon if I want to stay on schedual. 300 of these in 2 months is possible, but there is no way I can add quality content + backlinks and get 300 done in 2 months. I’d have to quite my day job to do this — something I may do soon actually.

I’m sure there are plenty of questions about how I went from 0 to 60 bucks a day with sniper sites in just two weeks. I’m keeping mum about the exact details guys for obvious reasons.

I will say that I’ve been working on something I like to call my “Adsense sniper”. These are laser targeted niche blogs that are very effective for getting ranked high in some situations. Now, there are no “miracle” ranking system here that will let you dominate the SERP’s, just some strategies I have been testing out for several months, and some solid tricks I’ve learned during my (failed) click bank sniper experiment. If you know what you are doing, it’s downright easy to hone in on the money. It’s really true in this game that failures are never failures. I’m actually still testing to see what’s possible with ranking, but my initial success tells me my personal method can be very sucessful for quick(er) money if done right. I’m still in the experimental stage. I’m going to give blogger.com blogs my best shot as well and see if I can start earning with free blogs, ala Grizzly style. That’s going to be pretty cool to try!

Rather than flood me with questions about my niche blogging techniques and tricks, I’ll point you somewhere else for your answeres. If you want a basic idea about how to go about making niche blogs, join Court’s Keyword Academy course for 1 buck (yes, thats an affiliate link). I do my niche blogs different than court’s method, but the basic process is the same in regards to keyword research and putting together a blog for SEO purposes. It may take you 3 months to a year, but you can make some pretty damn good money. If you are already Court’s student (as half of you guys seem to be), then just keep on doing what your doing, get backlinks, and wait. The money will come if you are persistant.

I’m going to keep my method a secret, for now. This blog is simply too public to start giving out my tricks. Grizzly from Make Money found this out the hard way when he started posting his strategies.

I love helping you guys make the money — as long as it’s your own work and creativity you make money from — and each person telling me that they have made money with my advice makes me feel reeaaaly good. But if I give out my personal methodologies here, it results in hundreds (or maybe thousands) of clone websites out there doing exactly the same thing as me. Besides costing me money, it may call down the Google gods — something I’m not keen on seeing anytime soon. I’m not making the Grizzly bucks yet where having 400 other Ben clones out there won’t make a dent in my income.

I tell people this time and time again: you need to find your own way. Use what I’m telling you, Grizzly, Court, or anyone who is actually making some money, and put your own spin on it.

The problem I see is that too many people want both the dinner and dessert handed to them on the same plate. Everyone wants a 10 step program that will guarantee them a full time income online. That’s why those make money online shams you see on adsense do so well — people want an easy fix, and easy solution where there is no brain juice required. Sorry guys, it’s not that simple and life doesn’t work that way.

The simple truth is it’s the people who experiment, the people who do new things, and the people who are willing to put in a godaweful amount of work into this business that will make the money. You can’t be afraid of trying new things, of stepping out on a limb and giving an idea a go. You need to get out there and try new things. Heck, get out there and do anything. Posting on forums is not the way to make money online. Talking about making money online is not the way to make money online. Writing, creating sites, and getting backlinks will make you money online.

Right now, I feel the best (and most secure) way to earn money online is untimely have a fleet of flagship blogs that produce valuable content. Flagships are the best bet because you can command serious traffic, Google won’t deindex you on a whim since the content is usually very high and you provide some value to your readers (unlike cough Niche Devil, cough).

I’ve stated it before, everything I do is to build myself up to the point where I can deploy flagship blogs. Adsense snipers are great, but you never know if Google is going to put the slap down on those types of sites. I have friends who have lost 5-7k a month ovenight when google did a mass deindex of all their adsense niche blogs.

So, I’m dicking around with this small fry so I can make that 20-30k a month to buy massive amounts of content and authority sites.

When you create niche blogs, I can’t emphasize enough that you should focus on producing VALUE to your readers. Write good, useful content. Put in some useful links to authority sites. Add some pictures even. Basically, you need to trick Google into thinking your MFA site is in fact not MFA. A big lie, of course, but if readers are getting value out of your site, then Google won’t have a beef with you.

Flagship Authority Blog Project

I’m hoping I can start this in 2 months. I need to start establishing a portfolio of authority blogs ASAP. With Authority blogs, I can focus on some SOLID content and SEO tactics. Currently, I’ve been trading SEO in favor of volume, but when you are working authority sites, it’s back to SEO. I’m going to pull out every trick in the book and I’m looking forward getting dirty with SEO.

Make Money Online with Flagship Blogs

There are essentially two strategies for making money online. Volume, or Authority. I’ve been going with the volume route. Making money on the internet is all about traffic. Not just traffic, but targeted traffic. Anyone can pull in a few thousands people a day wasting time on twitter, stumble upon, digg, or any of those other useless social mediums, but these visitors won’t make you money.

Your goal is to generate traffic. You can either have a few blogs that pull in a lot of traffic, or hundreds (or thousands) or mini websites that pull in a few people a day, but as a whole add up. There is work involved either way. A flagship blog is a long term project. You are going to need to have a lot of high quality articles and you are going to need to SEO yourself high in the SE’s. All that time spent producing a zillion smaller sites will be going into SEO. A flagship blog is your most stable income generator online. If you do things by the book, you wont have problems with The Man.

The volume route is an “easier” way to make fast money online. The reason is that it’s not that hard to get a handful of targeted people a day to mini websites. By themselves, you’ll make crap, but hundreds will make you a living. Unfortunately, Google does NOT like mini websites that snipe keywords. The reason is most of these websites don’t really provide the value to readers that an authority blog delivers and most are purely MFA.

So what to do? Well, diversify. Derive a solid income from authority sites and from niche sites. You are safer this way.

I can’t say anything for certain, but my gut feeling is that authority is the future of MMO. The blogs that have the trust rank are going to get the a lot more traffic, and those sniper type sites are going to get the boot. This is my personal opinion, mind you, but it does seem Google is moving towards this model (a few websites dominating everything in a niche).

How to Dominate a Niche to Make Money Online

Time and time again, I see you guys thinking small. You worry about a handful of blogs when you should be looking at the whole picture. If you are dicking around with a couple blogs, you are wasting your fucking time. Either put all your efforts on a handful of authority sites, or throw out more mini sites than the number of Madonna’s ex boyfriends.

Time and time again, people are looking at a puzzle piece when they should be looking at the whole puzzle. This really tells me most people seem to have a lack of strategy. If you guys fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Period. If you decide to take on a niche, don’t fucking throw up a couple desultory niche blogs and think you are going to “own” the keyword. If sometime types ANY combination of keywords, your site should show up. How? Buy owning virtually all of the content relating to that niche. I have some niches where 6 or more properties show up on the first two pages for any search. If you can do this, you OWN most of the traffic. Remember guys, there are 10 spots on the search results – there is no reason why you should just aim for the 25-40% traffic the  top spot gets. Why not take an additional 30% by owning the next 4 spots?

You want to know how to utterly dominate a niche?

1. Use mini sites to feel out a niche, hijacking the domain authority of parasitic domains that have a lot of trust rank with Google (ezines, Hubpages, etc)
2. Branch into niches that work with your own websites
3. Solidify your position with a Flagship blog

It’s a hell of a lot of work, but then again, if you are not willing to work, stop wasting your fucking time with MMO and get a real job. I’m sure there are more than a few bosses who would love to yell at you all day long.

Ok guys, that’s it for today. I’m cutting my usual 3k post down today.

Ben Out

Make Money Online with Work

A remote village in china with the most spectacular colors...

A remote village in china with the most spectacular colors...

Ok, time for another update. This time, it’s not going to be as long because I’m busy, making lots of money. Edit: Actually, the post turned out to be it’s usual size. Sorry.

Speaking of busy, how busy are you? I’ve noticed, doing my occasional patrols around the MMO world, that there are a lot of “busy” people. But not busy in a good way. There are several kinds of busy – busy making money, and busy bullshitting around. I’m willing to bet, most of you are busy bullshitting around.

What’s bullshitting around? Not fucking working. Bullshitting is checking your Adsense account 999 times an hour, spending the bulk of your time answering fucking social posts that don’t make you any money, fucking around on twitter (the world biggest source of useless traffic and probably in the top 3 competition for the “stupidest way to waste your time” crown), and watching hairy thong midget pron (and that my friends is disgusting way to waste your time…).

Now, I’m serious. I see a lot of people socializing when they should be working. Trust me, I know how mind numbingly boring MMO can be, but if you want to make the money, you need to do work. If you have two hours of work, but you spend an hour checking Adsense and hitting the fresh buttons on MMO forums, responding to comments, etc, you’ve lost 50% of your time.

And time, folks, time is money. There is a certain amount of work you are going to have to do to start seeing money – if you want to do making money online the whitehat way. Let me ask you something. Does answering 50 Joe Blow posts contribute to your money making efforts? No, in fact it’s a liability because it’s costing you your time.

When you work, get stuff done. If you want to play, play hard. If you want to work, work hard. Don’t combine the two. I’m not saying don’t join into community discussions – this is a lonely business and we NEED community to keep sane. But don’t make hanging with the community your main focus. Understand you goal: you are here to make fucking money. Set a goal then once you accomplish that, take a break. Rinse and repeat.

It’s really become my impression that a lot of people in the MMO community think of think MMO is a sort of social club. It is, and it isn’t. We are all united with one purpose: make money online. But a lot of people lose perspective and the community becomes the bulk focus your your “work.” It’s good to have friends guys and it’s nice being “popular” in a forum. But you’re still going to be fucking poor at the end of the day. So do spend time working and not talking.

Ok, Niche Devil.

Niche Devil Experiment Update

Ok, the short of it – Vic is not bullshitting with this software. It’s good, very good – in the right hands. But it’s NOT for beginners. No way in hell. Sure, it’s easy to setup a ND site. It’s not easy keeping Google from fucking banning you and it’s not easy to get your sites indexed. So far, I have about 130 sites up. I’ve bought another 100 domains which I have been trying to get up, but I’ve a few social obligations interfering the past couple days. I’m going to work up to 200, then stop and send digg/BMS links to every ND site. I don’t have every one of my ND sites tracked via stat counter, only the first 20. Of those 20, I’d say 10 are indexed and brining in longtail traffic.

This is good – this trickle traffic is exactly what I’m looking for. If each ND site can bring in 2-6 people a day, over 500 of these will add up to thousands of targeted search traffic each day – and with the 7 day ebay cookie, you are going to get sales, probably a fair amount of them. Even if you dont make sales (HIGHLY unlickly), you still get clicks — hopefully a few hundred a day at least, and these clicks give you money, since ebay multiples them against the qualigy score variable. Right now, 200 clicks for me equals 13 bucks, but I have a shit quality score right now. If I make a sale, those 200 clicks could be 50,80,100 bucks ore more. To be honest, I don’t understand how ebay really tallies their totals — I get a brain freeze trying to understand it.

Now, the problem is that these damn ND things don’t want to get indexed. the default ping option does jack right now in terms of getting your sites indexed.

Right now, Google is at open war with ND sites. I suspect a Google engineer purchased Vic’s software and took a look to see how to track the default template on these things. If you guys want to have a hope in hell of keeping your sites indexed, you better change every template to a unique footprint. Every single one of my next 350 will have a unique footprint to maximize their chance of survival.

Since I only have a handful, I’ve only gotten a few clicks. I think I’ve gotten about 20 ebay affiliate clicks so far. No sales, but this has bumped up my click total and made me about 4 bucks. Not going to retire. But I really need to see what happens with ALL my sites getting indexed and trickle traffic – right now, it’s hard to tell anything.

Word on the street is that if you have buying keywords in the domain/title/headers on a .info site, google flags it for a manual inspection. So better go with generic terms at this point.

I’ve also started a new challenge on the side, last week that’ going amazingly well. Enter

300 Adsense Sniper blogs in 60 Days Challenge

This is going to be my best and biggest challenge yet folks. And the money I’m going to make is going to make my Hubpage or Info Barrel challenge earnings pale.

I’m going to state right now, my aim is to make 200-500 bucks a day with these. And based off what I’m seeing with my experiment, this is very possible.  Now, I want to really explore what best works. So challenge will have three parts:

1. 100 Self Hosted WordPress Blogs (new domains)

2. 100 Self Hosted WordPress Blogs (preowned domains)

3. 100 Blogger Blogs

I want to see how much better preowned domains perform over new domains – I suspect they will get ranked much faster. The reason is that domain age is a BIG part of google’s search engine ranking formula. By purchasing a preowned domain 3+ years old, you can get a leg up right from the get go. They are a bit more expensive, usually about 10-12 bucks after you buy one, but the advantages should be worth it – I hope.

Blogger blogs. I’m going to step in Grizzly’s shoes for a bit with these blogs. I’ve noticed that blogger blogs rank for shit ( at least initially) compared to self hosted blogs. Now, with good backlinks, they rank fine, but initially, they don’t. I find self hosted blogs pull tickle traffic within a few days or weeks, but I have not had too much luck with blogger blogs getting as much traffic. If I find I can use blogger blogs to make good money, hell, I’ll switch over from self hosted in a flash. Domain fees suck.

I’ve been struggling whether to go all out and detail all my Internet Marketing methods or to start to mask what I do – i.e. leaving out the guts of my strategies. I’ll talk about the general strategies and techniques insofar as I’m able too, but I’m going to mask the gritty details.

The problem is, this blog has become WAY too public for my tastes. I’m getting 1K+ traffic a day (nothing too spectacular, I know, but the blog is only a couple months old). I’m sure Google is probably reading what I’m writing as well. You won’t find any of the big wigs spending time publically talking about their strategies or methods anymore. There is a good reason why folks – they’ve lost a LOT of money because of that, both from Google closing loopholes or people sabotaging networks, etc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if I publically talk about “how” I make money, I’m going to get people trying to copy my sites, methods, or maybe even closer scrutiny from Google. And folks, remember that Internet Marketing is my “job” but teaching you guys is not. I am not getting paid by any of you to teach, so I’m not going to risk my income to help people for free. My earnings soley come from niche blogging, not from MMO blogging.

The thing is, there are many desperate people here who have been taking what I know and using it against me. I’ve had a huge problem with copiers in the past and frankly, I don’t see how it personally benefits me to give out any more of my strategies, helping lazy people make money off my efforts and ideas.

I love helping people, but, I’ve been losing money because of some people. I’ll still go over some basic strategies and talk about some ideas, etc, but I’m NOT going to get into the nitty gritty – how I pick niches, layout sites, themes I use, my specific linking strategies to rank, tricks to pull in the money faster. That my friends is going to be up to you. But this is as it should be — you need to get out there work hard and TEST things to see what works. You can’t always have things always just handed to you on a plate guys.

I’ve learned the MOST not by reading how to make money (though when you first start, it’s useful) or being taught by anyone (though, if anyone showed me the ropes, it would have to be Grizzly who got me started), but by getting down and dirty creating sites and experiementing ON MY OWN. I can tell you right now that if I spent my time haunting MMO forums posting bullshit all day long, I would not be making the money I am right now.

I’ll still help where I can and answer some questions, but the days about giving away all my strategies to the public are gone.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go the way of ProBlogger and give out absolute shit wrong information or like other blogs that “talk” about making money but don’t point anyone in any meaningful direction. But I’m going to keep some stuff to myself from now on.

So anyways, back to my 300 blogs in 60 days. I’m pretty damn good with making money with Adsense right now. So these Adsense snipers are the perfect opportunity to capitalize.

My Adsense snipers are the perfect Adsense killing machines. They can hone in on a longtail keyword. With the right sniper layout and the right sort of research, you can rank pretty fast and very high with some tricks. And by combining a made-for-Adsense style writing (but one that also delivers quality and useful information), you create a click-killing niche blog.

Now, the prevailing idea about making money with niche marketing is that you pick a niche with lower competition – competition that you think you can make take on by ranking in the top 5. This is a good strategy – one taught by Court in his Keyword Academy and Grizzly blogs. You can make money like this once you rank. The problem is, it can take months to reach this go. You are looking between 3 months to a year. Don’t get me wrong – this is a valid model of making money, but it’s not the only way. Not by far.

Can you make money faster with niche blogs? Yes, you can. I have. I’ve been creating a handful of these sites the past 5 days (to see the potential) and I’ve been making money right away. I’m earning about 20-30 USD a day with these. Keep in mind this is with a couple. I’m going full force into this method next week (after I get my ND sites done), looking at getting 4-7 Adsense sniper blogs up each day for 2 months.

Note: Now, I need to be clear here, there are some specific reasons why I am making money so fast with the few sniper sites I have. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that you can slap up a couple blogs/sniper sites and next day take home the bacon — in this case, I’ve been able to figure out a way to capitalize right away, but it’s certainly NOT going to be like this every time. And sniper site or not, depending on the niche, you DON’T rank right away. No matter what you do, you are at google’s mercy sometimes. I just want you to know that if you are creative, the “create 5 blogs and get backlinks for 6 months before making a dime” doesn’t have to apply.

Now, my goal is to make 1 buck a day with each blog with Adsense. With 300 blogs, that should equal about 300 bucks a day. And indeed, from my experiments, if you do everything just right, a buck a day is perfectly possible (probably a big big lowball). In fact, with only a handful I’m making 20+ bucks a day. So the potential is there. Obviously since I don’t have a zillion of these sites yet, I can’t make promises, but my initial “research attempt” had been very profitable indeed. I’ll talk more about these and give income updates (maybe a few income proof pictures).

Click Bank Snipers Update

On hold right now. I can make money with these, but right now, I see faster ways to make money. I’m going back to this one, and going to pick better niches and put up 100 sites, but I’m going to pump my Adsense earnings (on my own sites) first, then make a concerted effort. I’ve learned a lot from these, and I’m still actually throwing up a few here and there when I see an affiliate opportunity. But my next 100 is going to have to wait a few months, maybe sooner. I will let you know if one of my twenty sites actually makes a sale though. They should, in time.

Upcoming/Current Make Money Experiments

Here is a look at some of my upcoming make money online experiments

*300 Blogs in 60 Days (started, but going to official start as soon as ND are done, maybe Monday)
*500-1000 Niche Devil Sites (current)

*500 Ebay Hubs/Squidoo
I will be creating hubs targeted for only selling amazon/ebay affiliate products. I’ve seen some success with 30 or so hubs hawking some ebay products, but I feel there is money to be made with hundreds of these out there, all targeting hot products.


*Create an Authority Blog or 3.
I’m Really looking forward to this. I’m going to dominate 3 competitive niches with a massive 300-500 focused article authority site in each. I’m going to pull out every SEO trick in the book to get these things ranked. My aim is to build 5k-10k a month authority sites here

Don’t Waste Your Time in Noob Forums

Sometimes I get people emailing me or asking me questions about why Ron Jeremy from the warrior triple XXXO factor said this and why I said this, etc. Guys, Ron Jeremy from warriorforms can go sell midget thongs for all I care. Most of these guys are complete bullshiters. The ONLY money they make are from you giving them your coin for their bullshit how to make money ebooks.

I NEVER go to warriorforums or any of those headless chicken noobfest forums. Why? Because it’s a waste of my time. Why do I want a guy making 50 bucks a month answering my question like he’s some sort of guru, when I’m making 100x what he is? Exactly. And don’t get me started on all the bullshit GURU’s giving advice there, preying on the noobs looking for easy money. Places like that are simply virtual stages were fake gurus put on some smarmy performance to reel in the noobs.

The problem is, most people out there want a quick fix. What do you thing sells better as a title:

‘How to Make 30k in 3 Days While Getting a Massage from Pretty Thai Girls”


“How to Make Money By Locking Yourself into Your Room and Working 20 hours a day for 6 months”

Yea, I don’t think that’ one needs an answer. The problem is, the second title has more truth — a LOT more truth. Repeat this one after me guys: “there is no way to make money online without work.” Any sort of program that offers this, is a lie. There are people always looking for the next “thing” the next “WSO” that will guarantee you make money fast. If you are onto your WSO #5 and you still haven’t made money, maybe you better bash your head into a few walls to knock some sense into your head.

The Key to Making Money Online: Commitment

You may wonder why I’m making money right now with whatever I do. It’s because I have passion. I don’t take up a project and go half way – I commit my soul to it. If someone wants does 10 sites, I do 100. If someone does 100, I make 1000. That is how to make money folks. I work 10 times harder than anyone else. And you know what, during this process, I learn a lot of things — things that help me make money.

I see a lot of you newbie Internet Marketers get caught up with following the latest money making craze. Guys, this is a huge mistake. You see someone who knows exactly what to do to make money make a lot of money in a short period of time and you decide because they are making money, well you are going to as well. That’s fine, but you chase after the latest craze every damn month or week.

The reason why is that you don’t commit to something. You create a handful of blogs, maybe 50 Hubpages, a couple infobarrels, and wonder why you’ve only made a couple bucks in a week. Even worse, you see someone else making money with some other strategy so you abandon your previous attempt to try something new.

This yo-yoing around is the perfect way how NOT to make money online guys. You want to make money, here’s the formula I follow:

1. Pick a proven methods (people you trust make money wit it)
2. Put your heart and soul into it
3. Work like someone has a gun pointed to your head

There we go. Simple, isn’t it. Most of you end up failing on all three points. You pick a method, but you don’t’ commit. Big surprise why you then make fuck all. Or you pick a strategy, get all excited, start working for a few days/weeks but when you see the monstrous size of the work ahead, you give up. Or maybe you do start working on it but you don’t actually “work.” You spend most of your time chatting with other newbies about how to make money online or the best methods, or participate in conversations with no fucking idea what the fuck you are talking about.

It’s fun to talk about MMO with people – I get that, I’m guilty of that. This is a business where connections are key – befriend people left and right, they will help you in the future. But seriously people, it’s fucking pointless talking about making money online. Talk is cheap guys, it’s actions that speak. Instead of spending your life whining online about how you are not making money online, or discussing MMO strategies, maybe you should actually spend that time trying to MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Get it?

If you are not spending 95% of your “work time” writing content, creating sites, doing keyword research, or getting backlinks, then there is something fucking wrong with your work schedule. Fix it and you may find, magically, you fix that big fat 0 in your daily Adsense balance. Just a suggestion.

You will find that once you start to make money, it all just makes sense. It seems impossible at first, a dollar here, a dollar there, 5 dollars here, and 10 dollars there, but before you know it, the money is following. You make nothing at first and often for months and month, but once the  trickle of money begins, it really flood in.

You see, making money is about confidence. Confidence comes from a history of success. Once you KNOW you are making money – not Grizzly making money, not Ben making money, not Jim making money, but YOU making money – you gain confidence. YOu can approach an internet marketing project knowing that you can make money – even if you don’t make money right away. So work your ass off and you’ll see those results. Those results will give you confidence.

If anyone has time to help a great grandmother out, be sure to visit Gourmet Recipe Blog. Grizzly, on his Make Money blog asked it anyone could give an old gal some technical advice about blogging and niche marketing. The issue might be resolved already, but hey, visit her site and you might find out how to make some nice, yummy cookies — the perfect companion for when your doing boring MMO stuff.

Now Go Make Money Online